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When looking for a dentist in Thorpe Bay

We all need to recognise the importance of maintaining high standards when it comes to our oral health and hygiene, as the mouth and teeth are vital to our daily activities and needs. If we are to enjoy the best standards in our overall health and well-being, we must take the time each day that is recommended to care for our oral health needs, as the mouth is the gateway by which we feed the rest of the body.

It is also important that we seek the professional help and advice we feel we need to maintain our oral hygiene via visiting the dentist in Thorpe Bay regularly for the recommended check-ups and to receive any treatments we may need.

It is important that you understand some of the services provided by a dentist in Thorpe Bay, as this will allow you to access any treatments you may require.

Let’s start with your first check-up appointment

When you first register with the dental practice you will need to attend an initial appointment or check-up, to introduce yourself to the practice and have our practice staff introduce themselves to you. This check-up will normally last thirty to forty-five minutes, and one of our dental team members will examine your teeth, mouth, and gums to gain a basic understanding of your needs going forward.

The professional who examines your mouth and oral needs at this appointment may use this time to make recommendations about treatments or techniques they feel may be of benefit to you. They may also advise you to see other professionals within the practice, such as the dental hygienist, who they feel have services you could benefit from.

The check-up appointment time also creates the perfect opportunity for you, the patient, to ask any questions you may have, this may help you gain a greater understanding of any treatments that are being recommended to you and may put your mind at ease before moving forward with any suggested treatments.

In case of emergency just call the practice

Our dental practice offers our patients a full emergency dental service that can be accessed easily and quickly if the need arises. We will normally seek to see patients who need emergency dental care within twenty-four hours of them contacting the emergency service, as we would not want to leave anyone in discomfort or pain for any longer than necessary.

If you find you have a chipped, cracked or broken tooth, we recommend that you contact the emergency dental service straight away to have it examined and possibly treated. If a tooth has fallen out and you still are in possession of it, wrap it in something to protect it, such as tissue paper or in a small tub of milk, take it along to any emergency appointment you have, as it may be possible to put it back into place.

If you find you have tooth pain that is preventing you from sleeping you should contact the emergency dental service provided by the dentist in Thorpe Bay, as it is often a sign there are other issues, such as infection, that will only worsen if not treated.


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