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There is an infection within my root canal, can this be sorted by the dentist in Thorpe Bay?

Root canal therapy or treatment, also known as endodontics, is just one of the possible treatments offered by our dentist in Thorpe Bay. This particular treatment is considered to be extremely important by our dental team, as should treatment be avoided, the infection within the root canal system could spread further throughout the mouth and in turn lead to an painful abscess, as well as potential tooth loss.

So what does root canal treatment involve?

To begin with we want to remove any discomfort which may be present and to eliminate any further discomfort whilst the procedure is carried out. Therefore a local anaesthetic is administered. This is not only important for the patient, as the last thing we want is for serious pain to be caused, but also important as it allows our dental team to work thoroughly and seamlessly within your root canal system. This enables you to remain comfortable throughout the entire process.

Once the anaesthetic has acted our dentist in Thorpe Bay will use a dental drill to create access to the root canal system. Whilst this sounds rather daunting, rest assured it is a common procedure and one that sounds scarier than it actually is. As soon as access to the root canal area is completed a deep cleaning process will be carried out, which will remove as much of the infection and pulp as possible. The area now needs a chance to heal and therefore our dental team will put a temporary filling in place so you do not leave feeling self- conscious.

Depending on your individual case, you will be advised as to when to return for your check- up. The area will be examined to ensure that no further infection or pulp is in place and then once all is clear the temporary filling will be removed and a new permanent one will be fitted.

Whilst the entire treatment can be easily broken down into approximately five stages, this whole process requires a lot of skill and patience, as it can take multiple visits to Thorpe Bay Dental in order to complete the treatment.

How is the treatment beneficial in the long term?

Once an infection occurs, if left, a series of problems could occur causing moderate to severe pain and discomfort. By having the treatment, the potential negative side effects are drastically reduced and in most cases avoided completely. The prompt elimination of the infection also means that the remaining healthy tooth structure is able to be preserved leading to less dental work in the future. We try to use preventive treatments wherever possible, as it is more beneficial to you in the longer term.

On completion of the root canal procedure the patient is then able to consider a variety of tooth restoration treatments and procedures. Getting your beautiful smile back on track is paramount and using modern dentistry and technology our dentist in Thorpe Bay is able to provide you with the best.

We understand that the whole process can appear a little daunting, particularly to a patient who may suffer a few nerves when it comes to visiting the dentist in Thorpe Bay. Please rest assured that our fully qualified team will make every effort to answer any questions you may have and ensure that throughout the entire process, from start to finish, that you are feeling at ease.


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