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New fillings at a dentist in Thorpe Bay

Conducting a treatment for fillings is a standard procedure and the bread and butter of any dental practice and with the rise in sugary foods in the last 70 years, we at Thorpe Bay Dental know it isn’t going to become less popular any time soon. So what’s changed? While procedures for this kind of treatment remain the same, the materials used are ever-changing and advancing, which now means that getting a filling at our dentist in Thorpe Bay doesn’t mean having a dark amalgam cover the back molars anymore. We now have white fillings that are far more aesthetically pleasing and completely unnoticeable, unlike their dark silvery counterparts.

When would you need a filling?

There could be a few reasons why you need a filling in a tooth at a dentist in Thorpe Bay, but keep in mind that this is very different to a root canal treatment which cleans out all the tooth’s pulp.

Damage to the nerve from decay

The reason you would go to see a dentist in the first place is if you have pain, pain in a tooth can be due to the fact that a nerve inside the tooth is exposed, because part of the tooth has become decayed. This can be caused by a diet that is high in sugary foods or acidic drinks that wear away at the enamel of your teeth. However, poor oral hygiene habits can also have an effect on this enamel, brushing too hard can cause the teeth to become eroded and expose the nerve, or not brushing and flossing frequently enough.

Damage to the nerve through trauma

Trauma to a tooth can happen in a number of ways and accidents happen all the time, it is important to wear a protective mouth guard for full contact sports in order to avoid sporting traumas, but it is not uncommon to need a filling from this cause.

Inherent defect

There are many people who suffer from constant problems with their teeth and gums for none of the above reasons and it is often found that genetics can play a role in the problems that these people face.

It is important to see your dentist as soon as you begin to notice pain in a tooth, so that we can fix the issue earlier rather than later when a bigger problem can evolve.

Old fillings

While most new fillings at a dentist in Thorpe Bay are made of a white composite material that matches the surrounding tooth, many old ones are made of some kind of metal which is very obvious in your mouth. We can remove these old silver fillings and replace them with white ones in order to improve the aesthetics of your teeth, so that you can feel more comfortable about laughing and speaking.

How to care for a new filling

Looking after your teeth once you’ve had a filling should be no different to how you should be taking care of them normally. Brushing and flossing after meals, along with hygiene appointments, will take care of your teeth and their new fillings - and prevent the need for more in the future.


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