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How Your Dentist Can Help Your Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is super, super tricky to manage and far more people have it than you probably realise. The team here at Thorpe Bay Dental are really passionate about helping patients form better relationships with the dentist in Thorpe Bay and want to do all they can to make practical solutions available to all. Which is why this week we have a great post on top tips for curbing dental anxiety - directly from your dentist in Thorpe Bay!

Fear or Phobia

Before we get into the real nitty gritty we want to take a second to make clear a really important distinction when discussing dental anxiety. Fear and Phobia. The difference between these two ideas is really important as those suffering from phobia really ought to seek medical help when wanting to address their dental anxieties.

Defining Dental Phobia

We would always recommend discussing your feelings around the dentist in Thorpe Bay with the doctor to make sure you are clear on how much of an issue this is but as a very general guideline, a phobia will give you a physical reaction when thinking of the thing in questions for example and anxiety or panic attack, you could also begin to cry or profusely sweat. If you feel you can not at all go to the dentist then you will likely be suffering from a phobia and there are very specific steps you will need to take with the support of a proper medical team to safely move forward.

Dental Anxiety

If your concerns around the dentist are more worries and butterflies but don’t give you such powerful physiological responses then you might be able to use some of the following tools in order to make the experience better.

Practical Tools

Number One - A problem shared is a problem halved. If you’re concerned about the dentist then talk to someone. Talking is therapy and you don’t need to pay someone. Talk to someone you really trust and can open up to about your concerns or better still come and talk to one of our team. Just the act of saying the worry aloud will help reduce its power and make you feel better.

Number Two - One step at a time. You don’t need to do everything all in one day. Take every stage of introducing yourself back to the dentist as one step. Give us a ring to book an appointment. Then come and see the practice - just to see it, not for an appointment. Talk to the dentist, it doesn’t even have to be about teeth, it can just be about making yourself more comfortable in the new surroundings.

Number Three - Three’s company! You are more than welcome to bring a support buddy to your appointment! There’s zero judgement from us! If you need a friend or loved one to hold you hand then that’s totally ok with us. Everyone needs a familiar face sometimes.

Number Four - Determined distraction. If you think that headphones or an eye mask will help you zone out and feel more comfortable then that’s fine by us! We don’t need to talk, we just need you to relax as much as possible.


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