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How to look younger from the dentist in Thorpe Bay

Here at Thorpe Bay Dental, we understand that a person’s smile can make or break how confident they feel about their appearance. For this reason, we offer a whole host of treatments that help our patients to get the smile they have always wanted. Many of us wish to turn back the hands of time and regain our youthful vitality and ensuring that the teeth and gums are in tip top condition can be instrumental in doing that. This is a guide to how to take care of the teeth in order to maintain a youthful appearance.

Look after the teeth at home

One of the easiest ways to keep the teeth looking good is to take careful care of them at home. It is really important to establish a regular routine of brushing with a fluoride toothpaste in the morning and in the evening. Flossing should be done once per day, ideally before bed. This helps to remove any plaque or other debris from the teeth that the patient has not been able to reach with brushing.

Clean at the dentist

Patients who want to keep their teeth looking good for as long as possible should visit the dentist in Thorpe Bay at regular intervals. Check-ups are vital for detecting any potential issues and getting a professional clean from the dentist or hygienist is a very effective means of keeping the teeth and gums in good condition. We can remove plaque that is stubborn or hard to reach, and our professional cleaning can be an excellent tool for helping to remove stains generated by substances such as tea and coffee.

Teeth whitening

White, bright teeth are generally considered one of the hallmarks of having a youthful appearance. If the teeth remain stained or a little yellow even after the hygienist cleans, it may well be worth considering teeth whitening. Many people make the mistake of buying whitening kits online or in shops, but these are usually ineffective. In some cases, they can even cause damage to the teeth. Anyone who wants to whiten their teeth safely and effectively should consult with the dentist in Thorpe Bay to arrange an appointment.

Braces or aligners

Straight white teeth can help a person to look younger and much more attractive. Sometimes people do not get the orthodontic treatment they needed as teenagers for a variety of reasons, but it is never too late to have misaligned teeth corrected. Traditional braces can work very well, or for those who feel a little self-conscious about the idea of having obvious orthodontic treatment, clear aligners can be an excellent choice.

Invisalign is completely invisible and can be taken out for mealtimes, which means that the patient can continue to enjoy their usual foods and drinks as normal. Clear braces offer great results while allowing people to get on with their social lives and careers without having to let the whole world know they are having treatment.

Having misaligned teeth can cause teeth to decay more quickly with age, as they are harder to keep clean. Therefore, getting treatment with braces can be instrumental in helping to maintain a youthful look.


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