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How to find a patient-oriented dentist for your dental care needs

Patients, particularly patients who suffer from dental anxiety would do well to invest a little more time in finding the right dentist in Thorpe Bay to provide them with high quality dental care that they need to keep their oral health in check. At Thorpe Bay Dental we are well aware that not all patients are comfortable at the thought of a visit to a dental clinic, which is why our highly experienced dental team place a great degree of importance on delivering exceptional dental care with compassion, patience and understanding of patients’ needs. We believe it is our emphasis on a patient-centred approach to dental care that sets us apart in the dental industry.

Avoiding dental care due to dental phobia puts one’s oral health at great risk – natural teeth can be lost due to neglect, mouth diseases such as oral cancer can go undetected which can have dire consequences, and patients may needlessly suffer from excruciating pain and discomfort from toothache and gum sensitivity. Choosing the right dentist in Thorpe Bay is easily accomplished by paying attention to a few critical things when conducting your search.

What to pay attention to when conducting a search for a dentist in Thorpe Bay

Know what to look out for on websites

As wonderfully convenient as the online world is in helping patients seek professional dental care, it can be overwhelming having so many options to choose from. We believe nervous patients can help themselves by paying attention and looking out for key details.

Look out for certain words and phrases

Patient-centred dentists make it a point to express their interest and let nervous patients know that they are welcome and that their needs are accommodated. Does the dental team listen to patients and equally importantly, are they willing to get to know their patients as individuals? Perusing the ‘meet the team’ section, do you get the sense they have a real passion for delivering dental care?

Look out for particulars on their professional training

A well-trained dental practitioner will provide details of their qualifications and experience in all relevant fields of dentistry. Professional affiliations are often a good sign that a dental clinic is pledged to ethical practices, so keep an eye out for these too.

Pay a visit to the dental clinic

Nervous patients will need to assure themselves that their chosen dental clinic offers a welcoming environment – one where they can relax and feel comfortable. It is also an ideal opportunity to observe the dental team and support staff; how they interact with each other and how they engage with you and other patients. This interaction can provide useful insight on how friendly they are and the quality of dental care you can expect to receive.

A personal visit also allows a patient the chance to see the organisation of a dental clinic – is it well-organised and uncluttered, and kept neat and tidy? Does the dental practitioner rely on modern dental equipment and are these kept clean?

Choose Thorpe Bay Dental for hands-on dental care carried out by caring and compassionate dental practitioners.


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