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Give our dentist in Thorpe Bay a chance to brighten up your day

Beaming to be back

Here at Thorpe Bay Dental, our dentist in Thorpe Bay is beaming to be welcoming new and old faces back into our practice for a range of dental treatments.

We know that last year took a toll on a number of people's oral health, as preventative, cosmetic and restorative dental treatments were harder to obtain than ever during Covid:19 restrictions.

Now, however, our practice has returned to its former glory and our dentist in Thorpe Bay is able to get back to doing what they love best - making our patient's smile.

It is perfectly natural and normal to be concerned about the way your teeth look, and we urge those who are unhappy with their smile or oral health to contact our friendly and approachable staff and book a consultation.

What can a dentist in Thorpe Bay do for me?

The short answer to this - anything you need.

At Thorpe Bay Dental we are firm believers in treating the patient, not the problem. As such we always try to tailor every treatment that we provide, no matter how routine, to cater to the individual receiving it.

Our expert dental practitioner specialises in a range of treatments and dental fields, from cosmetic treatments such as smile makeovers and porcelain veneers to preventative treatments carried out by our dental hygienist.

Given the length of time that some of our patient's may not have visited us here at Thorpe Bay Dental, we advise that you initially arrange a consultation and examination before you settle on any one treatment.

This is because it lets our practitioners establish how much care you’ll need, and whether or not any preliminary treatments are required to restore your teeth to full health.

What does a dental hygienist do?

Unsurprisingly our dental hygienist has seen a massive surge in new patients over recent months. For those who are unaware, the role of a dental hygienist is not to target one cosmetic or structural dental problem, but rather purely to restore the patient’s teeth to full health.

This is achieved through a number of specialist treatments, the most popular of which is a scale and polish, which is a two-step, professional deep clean of the patient’s entire mouth.

What does a scale and polish involve?

Unlike most cosmetic or restorative dental treatments, which aim to combat one or more specifically identified dental problems, a scale and polish is a purely hygienic treatment.

The first stage in a scale and polish is lovingly known as the ‘scrape’, during which the hygienist uses a special dental tool called an ultrasound scraper to remove any buildups of bacteria, tartar and plaque from the patient's teeth.

In just one quick session with our hygienist, it’s possible to reverse years worth of superficial wear and tear to the exterior of your enamel.

Once the first step of a scale and polish is completed, the hygienist will then use a dental polishing tool to shine and buffer the surface of each tooth. This removes any residual or leftover plaque and bacteria, and leaves the patient with a shiny and brighter looking smile.

If you’d like to find out how our dental hygienist could help restore the spark to your smile, simply call or email us today and we’ll do all we can to help.


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