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Get a grand smile with our dentist in Thorpe Bay

Here at Thorpe Bay Dental, we appreciate how important it is that your smile looks good and we offer a variety of treatments that help to achieve this. We have put together a guide for those who feel that their smile could do with an upgrade, outlining some of the ways that our dentist in Thorpe Bay can assist in increasing confidence when it comes to those pearly whites.


Straight uniform teeth are considered to be the most desirable and attractive. When this is not the case, a person can experience a range of feelings including self-consciousness and even embarrassment about how they look. Today, braces are available for every patient regardless of age. Increasing numbers of older patients are enjoying having the smile that they always wished they had thanks to our dentist in Thorpe Bay.

Traditional braces are worn in the long term and can correct almost any issue when it comes to the position of the teeth. They are fixed to the teeth for the duration of treatment and deliver great results. This kind of brace is not just worn by adolescents, many adults also get them too. It is increasingly socially acceptable to wear traditional braces at all ages.

Clear aligners are popular because they are very subtle. Made from very soft plastic that is totally transparent, they slot over the teeth like an invisible shield. The aligners are changed regularly until the treatment is finished. They can be taken out for eating and drinking beverages other than water, which means that the patient can enjoy all their usual foods and treats as before.

Invisible braces usually do their job very quickly, often in just a few months rather than a year or two that is expected with other types of braces.


The patient who has cracked, chipped, broken or misaligned teeth can get fast results with veneers from our dentist in Thorpe Bay. Treatment with veneers can be accomplished in just two appointments, making this the ideal option for those who want to improve their smile as quickly as possible.

Veneers are thin porcelain covers for the surface of the teeth, and can transform them from yellow, stained and damaged to straight, white and bright virtually instantly. They last for several years with good oral care and are stain resistant too. Many people choose veneers because they want to get a great smile, but they do not have lots of time to spare for multiple dental appointments.


Having just one tooth missing can erode your confidence, and having several gaps where teeth used to reside can be devastating. Fortunately, dental implants from our dentist in Thorpe Bay can resolve these issues and transform the smile.

Implants are a means of plugging the gaps where the roots of the teeth used to be, providing a long lasting and reliable base for artificial teeth that look and behave just like natural teeth. They can give the patient their confidence back and allow them to eat all their favourite foods with ease again.


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