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Friendly and quality dentist in Thorpe Bay

Our priority is getting to know our patients and to achieve this we pride ourselves on the lost art of listening. We need to know as much about you as possible, because when advising on your treatment, we need to be aware of and understand your expectations. We need to know what you are frightened of and what pleases you and what brings a smile to your face. We want to know all about your personal dental needs and desires. As an established dentist in Thorpe Bay we realise that dentistry is more than just looking after your teeth. Our relationship needs to be built on a solid foundation of trust. This trust, coupled with our experience and technological advances in dentistry, allows us to candidly discuss any oral problems and their relevant treatment.

All round care and early treatment

It may appear odd at first but one of our goals is to advise on preventive dentistry and we start by encouraging parents to introduce their children to regular visits at an early age. Using our friendly, relaxed approach we want to establish a solid trust between us and your children so that they feel safe and have no fear of a visit to the dentist. These regular visits allow us to detect early signs of developing defects such as an overbite or an underbite. We can also demonstrate how to correctly care for their teeth. This approach will benefit your children by promoting healthy teeth and gums, reducing the likelihood of tooth decay and ensuring that your children are comfortable and relaxed in our care. We believe that where possible we need to prevent tooth decay and correct any condition by tackling it at an early stage.

General dental treatment

Continuing our theme of promoting prevention, our dentist in Thorpe Bay encourages and demonstrates the need to pursue a planned regular oral hygiene regime. We provide all of our patients with a recommended, personal, dental maintenance plan. Based on the trust that we build up with you we try to be honest and sincere about your oral cleaning routine and if we feel that you are not being thorough enough we will discuss it with you. The normally accepted period between dental visits is six months, however there are occasions when it may be in your own interests to attend more regularly. We will discuss and explain if you should need a more regular visit, achieving our goal of always keeping you informed. We want you to avoid any serious dental treatment like extractions or root canal treatment. The most important thing is that we are working as part of your personal dental team to prevent any possible future problems.

A variety of cosmetic treatments

As a dentist in Thorpe Bay we offer an assortment of cosmetic therapies to make your smile even more charming. One of our most popular cosmetic treatments is teeth whitening, many patients try to do their own with mixed results. We believe that any form of dental treatment should be carried out either by your dentist or at least based on a dentist's recommendation. We offer a teeth whitening service, but will only commence the process after a careful assessment of the kind of staining and after discussion with you on the recommended treatment. We believe that it is important that we give you safe and effective solutions. Other cosmetic treatments we offer are veneers for straightening your teeth and white fillings.

Invasive therapy

Our team also provides treatments like dental implants and bridges for you if you have lost teeth. Often when you have lost teeth your jawbone and the surrounding soft tissue will deteriorate. Apart from chewing your food more easily, therapy like dental implants will help to encourage your remaining bone to rejuvenate and strengthen.

Get to know us, we want to get to know you

We would love to hear from you and continue our mission of improving the nation's dental health care. Every patient that we can educate on the importance of oral hygiene will result in a happier, healthier population, so go on call us today.


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