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Cosmetic dentistry at a dentist in Thorpe Bay

Thorpe Bay Dental has a range of treatments available for you so that you can transform and beautify your smile. Whether you are looking for a full smile makeover or a simple whitening treatment, your dentist in Thorpe Bay can transform your teeth in order to help give you the confidence you need to tackle every part of your life with a perfect smile. Busy adults can now get the smile they’ve always dreamed of thanks to new technologies and a rise in the popularity of cosmetic dentistry. These treatments can also give people confidence when having their picture taken at important events such as weddings.


A stunning smile can make a very good first impression which is, as we all know, a lasting impression. This can affect everything from business arrangements to first dates, a beautiful smile can light up a room and who doesn’t want to be able to present their best selves to new people, or even old acquaintances? The dentist in Thorpe Bay can help you with this by applying the following treatments:

White fillings

We can replace old metal fillings which are very noticeable when you laugh with new white ones that go completely unnoticed, we use this white composite to fill even newer cavities to great and beautiful effect.

Teeth whitening

Bad habits like smoking or even acidic foods and drinks like cola or coffee can stain or yellow teeth which can look unseemly, but teeth whitening procedures can brighten just about any smile! A whiter smile will be appreciated by those around you and it is easily noticeable to see when someone has taken care of changing the appearance of their teeth. We also offer whitening kits to be taken home in order for you to maintain a white and beautiful set of teeth on a regular basis and in comfort.

Porcelain veneers

There are times when a whitening treatment won’t always get rid of a very stubborn stain and then we call in the big guns in the shape of veneers to cover those particular teeth. Some people might not be willing to wait for the time it takes an orthodontic treatment to work and in this case veneers can transform a smile by replacing the front 6 teeth with straight and convincing tooth covers. It is important to note that we cannot reverse this procedure as we file down your natural teeth in order to secure the veneer on top of them, these will look completely natural and function just like your real teeth.


For those who are willing to wait a little while, our dentist in Thorpe Bay uses orthodontic treatments to straighten natural teeth, this comes in the form of Invisalign and clear aligners and can take four to twelve months depending on the severity of the misalignment.

After making a proper assessment of your teeth we can use one or a combination of the above treatments to transform your smile from something you may be unhappy with into something you can feel confident about.


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