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A dentist in Thorpe Bay to help with dental anxiety

Having a fear of the dentist is very common, many people dread the day they need to go to a dental practice. We sometimes pick up on our parents’ anxieties as children or maybe it’s that you’ve experienced a bad day at the dentist yourself. Whatever the reason, you can rest assured knowing that you can find your way out of a dental nightmare if you come to see us at Thorpe Bay Dental.

Why is it so important to get over dental anxiety?

Having good oral health is actually a major part of your overall health. Your teeth can very quickly take a dive in the wrong direction if they aren’t properly cared for. Correct cleaning to make sure you are removing plaque and tartar is key to stopping tooth decay which otherwise can lead to tooth loss. Further issues can develop from tooth loss including digestion, and speech issues. Then of course there is your gum health - poor gums bleed and this again can lead to tooth loss if left too long. Ensuring you are making regular trips to our dentist in Thorpe Bay to keep on top of things is very important. Just because you don’t feel or see a dental problem doesn’t mean there isn’t something developing.

What can I do to help myself?

First, get comfortable with our dentist in Thorpe Bay. Go and visit the practice before any appointment so you are familiar with the surroundings and location. There’s no need to stress yourself further by first visiting a place on the day of your appointment. We, at the practice, pride ourselves on our friendly, warm atmosphere and will always welcome new patients with a happy smile.

Pick an early time to go when you book an appointment. Why put yourself through the torture of waiting all day for your appoinment? It’s better to wake up and come in quickly, then it’s over before you know it.

Try and think about the first appointment as just a ‘getting to know your dentist in Thorpe Bay’ session. You’ll only be coming in for a check-up so no need to worry about pain. As you get to know our dentist and begin to trust them you can work up to bigger procedures if you need them.

Bring a friend or loved one with you when you come in, no one will ever turn away your support network. Having someone in the room you trust can really help ease your anxiety. Plus you have someone to talk to while you’re waiting.

Talk to us about a hand signal you can use that will make us stop what we are doing straight away. This can be super simple like just raising your hand. This system puts you in control and can really make patients feel much better in the chair.

Bring headphones with you - some people really benefit from just being able to zone out during their check-up and that is absolutely no problem. You could also bring an eye mask to help dull the surroundings further.

If you have a fear of needles we have gels we can use to help stop you feeling any pain.

We really hope this has given you some good starting points - don’t wait until it’s too late to get the help you need.


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